The Minister for the interior and Minister for Defense have both won their seats in parliament to keep the Party in majority.

It is very disappointing to read from NPP political platforms how the Minister for the interior and Minister for Defense are being lambasted for some unfounded allegations against them. The duo who have supported the Presidents Security administration in the past four years are being vilified for no reason. These loyal men from the north who have supported the President’s vision in the past are being protested for being given any form of appointment in the next government. Their crime may not be because they come from the north but because certain elements within the party have sponsored media attacks against them for possible appointments.

Hon. Dominic Nitiwul

For the avoidance of doubts, these allegations are completely false, misleading and extremely disturbing. The Ministers remit does not include recruitment. If under due process an agency under his ministry has advertised for recruitment it cannot be seen to be the Minister that is incharge of recruitment. It is important to note that the various security agencies have their recruitment procedures and a political head has little influence in that direction. There is no case of ethnic recruitment in a process that is transparent, well consulted and with active participation of all stakeholders.

Hon. Ambrose Dery addresses the Public

Secondly, it is disappointing to note that only these two ministries supervised by northern brothers are being targeted as if to suggest Ministries like EDUCATION, HEALTH etc where thousands of graduates were recruited in the past 4years do not add up. If there is any merit to these sponsored attacks on these hardworking former ministers it would have surfaced in their course of work.

Ambrose Dery continues the Developmental Projects he promised his constituents

The Minister for the interior and Minister for Defense have both won their seats in parliament to keep the Party in majority. They have demonstrated that they have the competence and capacity to deliver. The job description of a Minister does not include recruitment. I am sure the President on his own has recognized their hard work and shall reward them accordingly. These two Ministries are very sensitive Ministries and would require the temperaments, competence and diligence of their caliber to administer them. I think it is important as a party to revise our notes and give credit to who credit is due.

Written by Flaviano NAAEKE

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