RE: Nandom: Constituency N.P.P Chairman accuses Ambrose Dery of deletion of names of Polling Station Executives

The attention of the Nandom Constituency Executive Committee members of the New Patriotic Party has been drawn to a media publication by Mr. Mohammed Abdulai on Modernghana.com on 12th March 2022. In the said write up the writer sought to vilify our Constituency Chairman of accusing the Hon. Ambrose Dery of the deletion of names of Polling Station Executives in the just ended Polling Station and Electoral Area Coordinators’ election in March 2022.

In the candid opinion of we the Constituency Executives, the issues postulated by this attention-seeking journalist are bereft of facts and can best be described as a figment of his own imagination orchestrated at throwing dust into the eyes of the discerning populace.

The Constituency Executive Committee members would therefore wish to use this epistle to address the inherent inaccuracies and the gross misrepresentations that have characterized his write-up in the writer’s bit to satisfy his political paymasters.

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First and foremost Mr. Mohammed Abdulai in his fictitious write up alleged that the Constituency Chairman of Nandom: Hon. Simon Kuubeyangdaa told the Regional Chairman: Hon. S.B Kangberee that the Member of Parliament for Nandom who doubles as the Interior Minister, Hon. Ambrose Dery specifically gave instructions to the Polling Station and Electoral Area Elections Committee members to remove names of those who are not loyal to him (M.P). We the Constituency Executives have critically considered this assertion by this political bootlicker, Mr. Mohammed Abdulai not only to be whimsical but a capricious attempt that is aimed at scoring cheap political points. It is however refreshing to note that our checks with the committee members have revealed that during the conduct of the just-ended Polling Station and Electoral Area Coordinators’ Elections, the committee members visited all the eighty-eight (88) Polling Stations and the twenty-five (25) Electoral Areas in the Constituency to conduct the elections in alignment with the rules and regulations that governed the conduct of the Polling Station and Electoral Area Coordinators’ Election of our Party.

In view of this, we the Constituency Executive Committee members would hereby wish to dispel the erroneous impression created by the writer that aspirant names were removed or deleted from the contest on the basis of their disloyalty to the M.P of Nandom.

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Also, the writer as part of his political shenanigans intimated that the N.P.P Constituency chairman of Nandom in his telephone communication with the Regional Chairman said that the Gengenkpe Polling station Chairman and two other Party members namely Mr. Zakaria Osman and Mr.Issah Sahanum of Nandom Council Polling Station were removed on the instructions of the MP. We the Constituency Executive Committee members have considered this allegation as highly untenable and would wish to state unequivocally that with the specific reference made to the Gengenkpe Primary School Polling Station Chairmanship contest all the party members, who were present at the voting date on 25th February 2022 vehemently opposed the candidature of the incumbent chairman, Mr. Clement Nomwaa. The reason Party members assigned for his rejection per our checks with the Committee members on the first day of the visit of the Committee members was anchored on the fact that he insults people and this makes people to exit from the party. As a result of the heated confrontation between the incumbent chairman and party members at the Polling Station on that day, the Committee members had to postpone the election of the chairman sine dine. Apart from the organizer’s position where two people wanted to contest and one finally stepped down, the rest of the positions went unopposed at the Gengenkpe Primary School Polling Station.

Chairman CO and MCE; Hon. Raymond Nero having discussion with people of Puffien.

As a follow-up to the impasse on the election of the Chairman at the Gengenkpe Primary School, the Committee members made a call back to the polling station on 3rd March 2022. At the Polling Station on that faithful day party members presented Mr. Peng-yir Cosmas who went unopposed as the Chairman for the Polling Station.

The writer, Mr. Mohammed Abdulai also alluded to the fact that Mr. Zakaria Osman and Issah Sahanum of Nandom Council Polling Station were removed on the instructions of the MP. This narration is simply an inaccurate reportage. We the members of the Nandom Constituency Executive Committee would wish to unreservedly state that there is no polling station in the Nandom Constituency with the name Nandom Council Polling Station. For the purposes of public education and the education of the mischievous writer, the electoral Register of Nandom Constituency has Nandom Council one (1) and Nandom Council two (2) as official polling Stations in the Nandom Zone but not the generic name, Nandom Council Polling Station as the writer indicated. It is also worth noting that per our inquiries at the Polling Station and Electoral Area Election Committee level, it was discovered that Mr. Zakaria Osman and Issah Sahanum didn’t procure forms from the PSEC to contest elections at their respective polling stations. So therefore the writer’s media publication which sought to communicate that the MP influenced the removal of the two names from the contest is highly untenable and as a result, the Constituency Executive Committee members would wish to state that the publication was only directed at maligning the image of our indefatigable Member of Parliament for Nandom Constituency, Hon. Ambrose Dery.


More so Mr. Mohammed Abdulai in his publication indicated that Mr. Nuobeyagr Aloysius was denied the chance to contest to be elected as an Electoral Area Coordinator for Ketuo Electoral Area. To set the records straight, Mr. Nuobeyagr Aloysius was disqualified based on the following reasons:

  1. His nomination form which was filled on 15th March 2022 was without the mandatory filing fee of fifty Ghana cedi (GH₵50.00). This act was in parallelism with regulation 7 of the guidelines for the Electoral Area Coordinators Election which states unambiguously that ‘Nomination forms shall be obtained from the Committee for FREE, however, upon submission, the prospective aspirant shall pay a filing fee: an amount of Fifty Ghana cedi (GH₵50:00)’
  2. He chronicled a petition which was purported at creating a wrong impression about some regulatory violations in the just ended Polling Station Executive election and when he appeared before the vetting Committee he was unable to substantiate the alleged violations with science and data. According to the vetting Committee members, the petition of Mr. Nuobeyagr Aloysius was unmeritorious and was only aimed at causing mayhem within the rank and file of the party in the Constituency.

Based on the above-mentioned reasons, the vetting Committee members of the Polling station and Electoral Area Elections Committee came to a logical conclusion by issuing a letter of disqualification to Mr.Nuobeyagr Aloysius which prevented him from contesting for the position of Electoral Area Coordinator.

In conclusion, it is worth stating that the entire N.P.P Constituency Executive Committee members of Nandom would wish to disassociate themselves from the writer and his paymaster, Mr. Alois Mohl, and their other cronies namely Mr. Bekyierreya Sylvester, Ahlassan Abu,  Cletus Yeltuo Yelsanfo, Sylvanus Sienekpine, Gervase Fang-ib, Rose Mary Bellu, Ahassan Sidique and James Debpur as party members who are not of good standing in the constituency because, in 2016 and 2020 Parliamentary and Presidential elections, the above-stated personalities campaigned vigorously against the Parliamentary Candidate of Nandom. This action of theirs in the two electioneering years was in contravention of article 3(9) 1of the N.P.P Constitution which states inter alia that ‘A member of the party, who stands as an independent Candidate against the officially elected member of the party, or who joins or declares his or her support for another political party or for an independent candidate, when the party has sponsored a candidate in a general or by-election, automatically forfeits his or her membership of the party. The above-mentioned individuals in the 2016 and 2020 elections campaigned openly against Hon. Ambrose Dery who was the officially elected Parliamentary Candidate for the New Patriotic Party and hence the forfeiture of their membership as N.P.P members. Per their violation of Article 3(9) 1 of the N.P.P Constitution, they are hereby treated by the rank and file of the N.P, P members as N.D.C people because they campaigned for Hon, Richard Kuuire who was the parliamentary candidate for the N.D.C in 2016 and 2020 respectively against the officially elected Parliamentary candidate of the N.P.P, Hon Ambrose Dery in 2016 and 2020 respectively

Mr. Simon Kuubeyangdaa.   
N.P.P Constituency Chairman

Julius ST Baayel

He is a multipurpose communication expert, and a lecturer, with a Masters Degree in Communication and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television. He is also credited with over 10years experience in public broadcasting. -Chairman

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