The Nandom Youth Network for Change and Development welcomes with excitement, news of the appointment of the able Member of Parliament for the Nandom Constituency (Hon. Ambrose Dery ) as Minister Designate for the Interior by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Ghana (Maalo Naa Nana Addo Danqua Akufo-Addo). The Youth Network wishes to express its gratitude to Mr. President for the trust and confidence he has once again reposed in the Honourable Member of Parliament for the Nandom Constituency. We the youth of the Nandom municipality are fully aware that Mr. President had a large pool of capable men and women to choose for this portfolio but out of the abundance of options, made this choice, a well-deserved honour not just for the Hon. MP, but his constituents who have over the years come to trust this illustrious son of theirs.

President Elect, Nana Addo

While expressing gratitude to Mr. President, it is equally important to note that this decision to appoint the Hon. Ambrose Dery for the same portfolio which he had handled to the admiration of many, is an endorsement of the competence of the Hon. MP and his excellent delivery of the vision of the President for the security agencies over the past four years. 

The Hon. MP for Nandom who has served as Minister for the Interior from 2017 to January 2021 has performed marvelously contrary to sponsored media attempts to discredit his record. The Hon. Ambrose Dery as Interior Minister superintended over unprecedented restructuring of the security agencies, notable among which was the passage of the Narcotics Control Commission Act, 2020 (Act 1019) and subsequent transformation of the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) into a Commission with enhanced powers and mandate to curb the drug menace in line with the Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Outline (CMO) recommended by the United Nations (UN). Also notable is the establishment of the Police Intelligence Directorate among many other reforms.

The Hon. Member of Parliament for the Nandom Constituency is also credited with a massive retooling drive that saw over a thousand operational vehicles for the security services, thousands of fragmentation jackets, hundreds of housing units for office and residential accommodation including training schools, communication and forensics equipment, helicopters, horses and dogs for the Police riot and crowd control unit among innumerable other interventions through the unflinching support of His Excellency the President.  

Hon. Ambrose Dery at Kakube Festival Celebration

It is on the back of this unmatched record that this Youth Network cannot but agree with and applaud you Mr. President for this accurate decision to maintain the Hon. Ambrose Dery, MP for Nandom in this Ministry to continue and complete you Mr. President’s agenda for this critical sector.

The Nandom Youth particularly cannot overlook the contributions of the Chiefs and good people of Nandom who have over the years come to trust the performance of the Hon. MP not just in his role as Minister but also for his knack for development in Nandom. The Constituency has seen a complete overhaul in key sectors including Roads, Education, Water, Women Empowerment, Agriculture, Youth Empowerment and Employment among others. The Nandom voters’ decision to retain the Hon. Ambrose Dery as MP for the Nandom Constituency with such a massive improvement in votes over that of 2016 figures did not therefore come as a surprise.

The Youth Cannot Forget Your Contribution, Hon. Ambrose Dery

The over four thousand (4,000) additional votes for the Member of Parliament and nearly five thousand (5,000) more votes for Mr. President in 2020 can only be credited to the MP’s records of massive development in the Constituency and which he consistently attributed to the President.It is on this envious record of performance at the national and constituency levels that the Nandom Youth Network for Change and Development wishes to congratulate the Hon. MP for Nandom on his appointment as Minister Designate for the Interior and also thank Mr. President for his wisdom and foresight. We trust that Parliament will do the needful in granting approval to his nomination.

God Bless Nandom Constituency
God Bless the Hon. Ambrose Dery
God Bless the Nandom Youth Network for Change and Development

Signed by:

Dennis Gyeyir

Julius St. Baayel
Nandom Youth Network for Change and Development

Julius ST Baayel

He is a multipurpose communication expert, and a lecturer, with a Masters Degree in Communication and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television. He is also credited with over 10years experience in public broadcasting. -Chairman

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