The executive committee of the New Patriotic Party of the Nandom constituency has rebutted the vile propaganda by the opposition National Democratic Congress in the constituency about the visit by H.E. Nana Addo (President of the Republic of Ghana and commander-in-chief of the Ghana arm forces) to the upper west region and to Nandom in particular. The NDC through one of its constituency executives (Mr. Derbie Rapheal), a day after the President’s visit took to his social media page and attempted to poopoo the impact of the visit by the President describing same as a waste of public resources.

According to Mr. Derbie Raphael, the President couldn’t point out a single project his government has started and completed in the Nandom Municipality. He added among others that Mr. President should have apologized to the people of Nandom for his failure to fulfill his promise of building a factory, warehouse, and one million dollars per constituency which should have been six million dollars by now. But in a sharp rebuttal signed by the NPP Communication officer for the Nandom Constituency (Hon. Juvenal Muokuu), the NPP constituency Executive Committee which described Rapheal Derbie as a rented NDC Communicator, further described his write-up as “a figment of his own imagination whimsically targeted at diverting the attention of the good people of Nandom from the unprecedented developmental projects that have greeted the municipality upon the assumption of office by H.E Nana Akuffo Addo government since 2017”.

Excerpts of the rebuttal statement reads as “Mr. Derbie Raphael in his fictitious publication alluded that the President couldn’t point out a single project his government has started and completed in the Nandom Municipality. In pursuance of the above-stated wild goose chase allegation of Mr. Derbie Raphael, the Communication Bureau of the Nandom N.P.P would wish to state unequivocally that the N.P.P government since its assumption of power in 2017 has executed a milieu of infrastructural projects in the Constituency in which roads infrastructure is of no exception. For instance, in 2018 the President, Nana Akuffo Addo in addressing a durbar of chiefs in Nandom where he was eskinned the ‘Chief of Development’ (Maalu Naa) was able to cut sod for the tarring of Nandom urban roads. Such roads include the 1.5 kms Nandom-Kogle road, 1.5 kms Nandom town roundabout -St. Theresa’s Minor Basilica-Monsoon road, 1.5 kms Nandom town-Gaamuoyir road, 1.5 kms Nandom town-Nandomkpee road, 1.5 kms Nandom town-Ketuo Road, 1.5 kms Nandom town- Goziir Chief Palace road. All these roads which are under the Nandom urban roads phase 1 project in Nandom have been tarred since 2019 amongst other infrastructural projects that have been executed and handed over in the Municipality”

Furthermore, the statement indicated that Mr. Derbie Raphael in his usual political shenanigans averred that Mr. President should have apologized to the people of Nandom for unfulfilled promises. “On the matter relating to the 1D1F, it is true that Nandom has not yet benefitted from its share of this government flagship programme. It is however refreshing to note that the government has constructed fifty-eight (58) factories in some other Districts. It is our firm believe that Nandom will get its fair share of this flagship programme before the end of the second term of office of H.E Nana Akuffo Addo. As the writer seeks accountability from the N.P.P government with regards to the 1D1F, it is morally appropriate to state that he who seeks equity must come with clean hands.

Devoid of political equalization, the N.D.C government in 2012 as part of their campaign manifesto promised to build 200 Community Day SHSs nationwide but they only built 23 of them at the time they were exiting from office in 2016. This was an abysmal performance representing 11.5% of the total number of E-Block schools built by the N.D.C” the statement added.

They continued “in furtherance of Raphael’s lame submission on the one dollar per constituency promise, we wish to state that it is not the preoccupation of the N.P.P government to always transfer physical cash to the various MMDAs. That “the one million dollars per constituency usually come in the form of infrastructural projects in which Nandom has had its fair share and they include the Construction of a permanent market structure at Ko, the Ko police station building, the Kokoligu market, and police station building, the construction of an ultra-modern theatre at the St. Theresa’s Hospital in Nandom, the Community center at Kogle among others. All these projects are at various stages of completion and can easily be verified by Derbie Raphael and his NDC naysayers.”

Moreover, on education, the statement continued, “Mr Derbie in his inept publication made a categorical reference to the ailing BECE performance in the Municipality. However, it is worthy of note that the poor performance of the JHS pupils at the BECE started when the N.D.C government was in power. In addressing this creeping poor performance, the Member of Parliament for Nandom, the Hon. Ambrose Dery in 2017 commissioned the Prof. Kuupole Committee to conduct a survey to ascertain the causal factors responsible for the poor performance of pupils at the BECE and also to proffer interventions to arrest the poor performance. It will interest Mr. Derbie and his political naysayers to note that the prescribed interventions of the committee resulted in the construction of a community library which has been completed and is being put into use, the organization of quiz competitions such as the Nandom Best Brain Challenge amongst others which are producing exponential results. Additionally, this political demagogue, Mr. Derbie Raphael intimated that the people of Nandom who are predominantly peasant farmers are unable to buy fertilizer because of inaccessibility and the high cost of the commodity. Though fertilizer prices in Ghana are affected globally by the Russian-Ukraine war, the Government of Ghana has imported large quantities of fertilizer into the country and they are being sold to farmers at subsidized prices across the length and breadth of this country and Rapheal ought to know this fact”

Still on education, the political pessimist Rapheal Derbie tries to paint a nonexistent gloomy picture. Meanwhile, it is refreshing to note that this NPP the government through the Nandom Municipal Assembly has recently distributed thousands of furniture to the basic schools in the Municipality the statement added

Touching on Mr. President’s recent sod cutting for the dualization of Nandom town road, Rapheal shamelessly mentioned in his fanciful write-up that the President cut sod for the dualization of a 2km Nandom town road whilst some of the roads remain unmotorable. The communication bureau of the N.P.P of Nandom finds this submission capriciously pre-matured and wishes to emphasize that roads are in three categories; namely urban, highway and feeder roads. If the Nandom town urban roads are being awarded on contract to be dualized with an asphaltic overlay, that does not give the writer the temerity to ignorantly create the wrong impression that some of the roads are unmotorable. The statement added that some of the roads including Raphael’s community (Guo), and Tokuu among others are feeder roads that are already feeder roads are awarded on contract under the EU programme. The emergence of COVID-19 was what delayed the timely execution of work on those roads. With the stable nature of the pandemic, the contractors are mobilizing to go to the site

The Nandom NPP Executive in their statement further opined that it is even surprising to notice the mischievous attitude of Mr. Derbie Raphael towards the President’s recent declaration of intentions to facilitate the establishment of Agricultural Development Bank and Ghana Commercial Bank branches in Nandom. In the wicked view of Raphael, such interventions are not a priority because people don’t have money to save. Really? A teacher should not be talking like that. For the information of Raphael, banks are not only meant for receiving savings. The over a thousand workers who struggle to go to other banks outside Nandom to receive their salaries will no longer have to do that when these two big banks are successfully established here. More importantly, our farmers can also get loans at a reduced interest rate from these banks to support their farming activities. This is not rocket science and Rapheal should know this. It will also open employment opportunities for the good people of Nandom and beyond

The Nandom NPP Executive finally concludes that

It cannot be said that the visit by the President to Nandom was a waste of resources. Let it sink into the heads of Derbie Raphael and those that think like him that the visit by H. E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was a sign of good leadership unprecedented in the 4th Republic of Ghana. Through this visit, the much spoken about Kambaa Bridge which the previous administration neglected is going to be reconstructed. The Nandom town roads are going to be dualized and asphalted. During this same visit, the President assured the chiefs and people of Nandom that the Nandom Midwifery school and Ko Senior High School are going to be provided with fence walls. In the magnanimity of H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, one of his promises which is the face one of the Nandom Urban Roads projects is completed, and face two which is about 25 Kilometers has just commenced. The good people of Nandom are witnesses to this fact and can only thank Mr. President and our Member of Parliament for championing the development of Nandom like never before, and no amount of naysaying can stop Nandom from getting her fair share of the National Cake

Julius ST Baayel a.k.a Kpielle Kpog-da hosted H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

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Julius ST Baayel

He is a multipurpose communication expert, and a lecturer, with a Masters Degree in Communication and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television. He is also credited with over 10years experience in public broadcasting. -Chairman

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