Love Found In a Jungle💖🌹

Found myself lonely in a forest full of birds, singing here n there. Flying from a branch of a tree to the other. Very beautiful birds. Amongst is Weaver birds too, You know how they usually fly in groups.
My attention was caught by the melodious sound from them. I tried to follow the charm of the sound. I was aggressively wanting to see them clear.

Beautiful moments are found in a serene places

The more I got closer, the higher the melody attracts me, because i feel there’s something more attached.
I followed till I got stopped by the sound under a tree. Softly, a hand tap me at my shoulder, which I was not expecting. I got panicked, fear grooming over me.
I turned slowly as how the police would say, ‘stop there, n turn bokor😂’

Love Birds

I gathered the momentum to turned. To my surprise,…….😍
….and to my surprise, I saw a sweet lady. Gorgeously, beautifully, n sweetly looking singing with a soft voice, holding sweet smelling purple roseflower.
The eyes glow, the nose rounded, putting on a rounded face with beautiful smile💋

The Beautiful moments we shared

The lips, um….so charming, so calling, so imaginable, soft with light pink colored lipstick spread on it.💖😍
I mentioned KAFUI as her name because I could not think of any other name at that very momemt.! What are you doing here…🌹
She walked towards me steadily, stretching arms to give me warm hug.
I can’t resist it😘🕺🏾
I received it extra romantic.. she stayed unto the hugs for almost 5mins without a word.
At that moment, I forgot everything in my mind, even my own mom’s name😂
Because I can’t waste a bit of the hugs.

Kiss in the Jungle✌️

The 5mins of hug, putting each others heads on opposite shoulder, it’s like a dream come through of my future.
We looked at each other face with a romantic smile, with her white teeth showing…mmrh🌹

She then told me I kept too long for finding her in the jungle with a friendly smile
I kept looking into her charming eyes, so sexy n healthy.
I then reply, ‘it was a traffic’🤣🤣
With silence, we drew our heads towards each other….with our eyes stacked into each other’s.
My mind was locked n closed from other things or noise. In fact, I couldn’t hear anything externally.

The Charming Melody from the beautiful birds

She softly, smoothly, romantically gave me a perk on my thick lips💋.
I quickly replied without hesitating. Our lips seem glued to each other with the tongues romantically playing in an enclosed arena of our mouth, pushing the saliva mixing up n rolling to and fro…💋💖😍
Her lips were very cold n chilled, sweet licking it deeply.❣️

Kindly leave comments and suggestions. Written by Regina Kafui.

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  1. It’s a beautiful story but I think it should be restructured and also there are lots of corrections to be made, thank you.

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